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EarPeace musician earplugs are perfect for artist merchandise, giveaways and more. We've had the ultimate privilege of working with some our favorite DJ's, producers, and musicians while continuing to spread awareness for healthy hearing. Learn more >>


Whether part of a VIP package or a simple thank you to a high-value customer - EarPeace offers an affordable way to create and reinforce positive brand associations that last. Music industry heavyweights like SFX, Red Bull, Insomniac and Capitol Music Group have trusted EarPeace for their flagship events, festivals and corporate functions. Learn more >>


EarPeace is intentionally designed to be the go-to accessory for big concerts and multi-day music fests - these loud events present great opportunities to merchandise EarPeace custom earplugs. Robert Sillerman, Founder of SFX once said, "as dance music has grown from uncontrollable rave parties to professionally run festivals and events, it in fact provides the opportunity to provide health and safety guidance." We're fortunate to work with some of the world's top event producers, like SFX, to offer guidance on hearing health to their fans and attendees. Learn more >>


Recording labels around the world have adopted EarPeace as their preferred merch and VIP gift item. MINUS, OWSLA, Drumcode, Spinnin' Records and many more - all distributed custom branded EarPeace during Miami Music Week. There's no better way to support your artist than to preserve the asset they use most, and with EarPeace, this love gets translated directly to their fan base. Learn more >>


EarPeace ear protection have been tested and endorsed by some of the most well respected medical health professionals and hearing health organizations. EarPeace is the preferred ear protection for CrowdRx, the largest live music medical services company in the world. Learn more >>


EarPeace was born from music, so that's where you'll find us - at the loudest venues on the planet. We recognize that loud can be good, as long as it doesn't prevent us from coming back for more. You can find EarPeace custom earplugs at the 9:30 Club in DC, the Bowery Presents venues in NYC or Ushuaia in Ibiza. We're always looking to talk to forward thinking venues about preserving their customers hearing to keep them firmly in the scene. Learn more >>