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EarPeace has already carved out it’s spot as the #1 brand of high fidelity ear plugs for concerts. With the help of labels and artists alike, we can push to make them the #1 brand of ear plugs for musicians as well. The record labels that we have partnered with are home to some of the best producers of electronic music this world has ever seen. One of our longest-standing partnerships is with Armada Music, which was founded by world renowned DJ / producer Armin van Buuren. We are constantly striving to develop relationships like this that will help expand our reach and bring new and like-minded people into the fold. While some people obviously know that wearing hearing protection is a smart idea, if they see others that they admire and respect doing it / promoting it, they will be more inclined to follow suit.

Most of the artists we work with spend the majority of their time down in the trenches - be it in the clubs / venues or just around loud music in general. There is a certain culture that comes along with this lifestyle and there are new people getting involved by the minute. Our mission is to continue to engrain ourselves in the live music scene and with the help of our influencers, be at the forefront of the hearing protection movement. We offer something special - not just ear plugs for concerts.

We offer comfortable, discreet, and affordable hearing protection to the masses that deliver amazing sound comparable to some of the highest end musician ear plugs. We also use creative packaging to align our brand with the culture and style of big labels like Mad Decent, Armada Music, Hospital Records, Drum Code, and Minus. We ourselves love this music and identify with it on a personal level. These are the people we feel are doing something awesome and outstanding in the industry, which is also the main reason we identify with them so strongly.

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The Armada Music branded EarPeace ear plugs have been a big hit so far, one of our best-selling items! We are excited to join the campaign to prevent hearing loss and to help spread awareness!

- Natalie Cola | Merchandise Manager, Armada Music BV

Armada Music EarPeace

The collaboration between Drumcode and Ear Peace has worked wonders. The high-fidelity ear plugs have been a welcome and popular product in our online store and also at Drumcode events around the world!

- Keir Ferguson | Label Manager, Drumcode