Clubs & Venues

Being in front of a festival stack might be the loudest music experience that most people have. Try being at an Excision concert with his own stack of PK Sound speakers. Unlike most DJs that work with the existing sound infrastructure, Excision brings his own to create the exact experience he’s looking for. “After every show I get tweeted that a fan broke down crying after a specific song. You can create a real journey for someone with the power of the bass. It’s so powerful – like, really powerful. My music is designed to be enjoyed with ear plugs.’ And that’s why Terminal 5 in New York City offers EarPeace concert earplugs. Artists and fans want to feel the music but our ears just haven’t evolved as quickly as sound technology.

Why is EarPeace the perfect merchandise for clubs and venues?

It’s beautifully packaged branded swag that creates a better experience for users – on the spot. Three easy points for someone looking for hearing protection:

  • EarPeace has great sound. You might even hear better using these high fidelity concert earplugs.
  • They are super comfortable and discreet. No one knows you’re wearing ear plugs.
  • You’ll snap this super premium case on your keychain and won’t be caught without great plugs again.

Batala Case Study:

The 930 Club is Washington DC’s original performance venue for club music. In addition to hosting the hottest shows, best talent and coolest parties, the club is also part of the community. Batala is a Brazilian samba reggae drumming style and the all female, all volunteer troupe uses the 930 Club to practice. “We generally perform outdoors and we definitely need drummer ear plugs. Transition inside for practice during the winter that the volume can practically double. We are LOUD. EarPeace to the rescue! We can hear instructions and each other, but we leave without our ears ringing. I wear EarPeace to any show, whether I’m in it or not.” Jessica Reid, Sunto 3 drummer. Whether you are a performing artist or part of the fan base, a pair of EarPeace drummer ear plugs will improve your experience.