EarPeace ear plugs are the best high fidelity hearing protection product for retailers.  Whether a music store or a lifestyle boutique, EarPeace is an attractive, economical product that drives an easy purchase decision.  Since launching in 2010 with a huge showing at the South by SouthWest music festival, EarPeace has grown into the #1 brand of hearing protection for live music and nightlife.  EarPeace has done this through key partnerships with major brands, continuous music festival and DJ promotions, and a sleek web presence.  EarPeace is a product consumers recognize.  Some examples of EarPeace online and offline retail partners:

  • Music / record stores

  • Musician equipment

  • Recording studios

  • Hotels

  • Gift / lifestyle stores

  • Online retailers

EarPeace delivers for the retailer in two ways.  First, the product itself is visually appealing, it’s inexpensive, and it takes up little space.  Second, EarPeace delivers on its brand promise to improve any live entertainment experience.  People hear and feel better with EarPeace.  The value proposition immediately resonates.  

  • For the cost of a martini, consumers can have 3 professional quality ear plugs they’ll use again and again, all in a case they want to clip onto their key chain.  The box is high gloss and heavy weight, with a plastic window to see the product.  The laser etched, anodized aluminum case is sleek and comes with a carabiner to easily clip onto a key chain.  It is beautifully packaged and valuable.  EarPeace is also small and requires little storage space.  It is an easy upsell or impulse buy next to the register.  It is also an ideal product to combine in a promotion, e.g. purchase a Fender guitar or three records and EarPeace is included.  

  • EarPeace solves the three central problems that consumers have with hearing protection - sound quality, image and comfort. The attenuation filters allow a precise amount of unobstructed sound to enter the ear, delivering clear sound at a safe level.  Consumers can have conversations with friends during a concert.  The performance is extraordinary.  EarPeace earplugs are also virtually invisible, making them a tough competitor to custom ear plugs.  At last - stylish hearing protection.  And perhaps most importantly, EarPeace is comfortable for long periods of time.  Customers will love EarPeace ear plugs. 

EarPeace is a great addition to any retail environment where customers need professional quality, economical hearing protection.  It’s also an easy drop ship addition to an online offering without the burden of carrying inventory.