EarPeace Resellers – Referral, E-Commerce, and Distribution Partners

EarPeace Resellers fall into three main categories – Referral, E-Commerce and Distribution Partners. These levels are designed to maximize flexibility and margins based on your individual business needs.  These levels are not mutually exclusive and most resellers also act as referral partners for different types of deals, especially selling Custom EarPeace.  

  • Referral Partners do not stock product but rather broker introductions, manage relationships and actively help close sales.  If selling custom EarPeace, referral partners generally have experience working with promotions or merchandise managers for major brands, artists, sports teams or venues.  Referral partners may also work in distribution for spirits, beer or wine and combine EarPeace with sales into venues, arenas or events.  

  • E-Commerce partners own their own channel and sell EarPeace through that channel.  Examples include drop shippers or flash sale sites.  EarPeace has the infrastructure ready for all these types of relationship.  

  • EarPeace distribution partners at the stock and resell EarPeace to their customers.  These partners include groups and individuals that have experience selling into industries such as music retail, live music venues and events, festivals, artist management, nightclubs, bars, sports arenas.  


Why Become an EarPeace Reseller?

  • Deal Registration

  • Sales contests and spiffs

  • Access to EarPeace Partner Portal

  • EarPeace sales support

  • Not for resale sample product

  • EarPeace Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

  • Eligible to sell Custom Branded EarPeace


EarPeace offers an aggressive compensation structure to its Partners.  Each program level has an attractive wholesale discount or revenue share that is commensurate with their level of commitment to the EarPeace Partner Program.  The details of the partner programs are outlined in the EarPeace Partner Program Guide which is made available to qualifying applicants. To find out more, apply for partnership today.