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Entertainment events are loud.  EarPeace is the perfect merchandise for live music, nightclubs, or sporting events like arena games or racing.  Are you coordinating a music festival or event?  Do you manage merchandise for a venue or arena?  Even monster truck rallys or rodeos offer EarPeace.

For half the price of a T shirt, a fan will have professional quality ear plugs they can use right then and there.  EarPeace is also an affordable promotional gift as that added touch on a premium experience.  Your VIPs and patrons will leave feeling better and with something valuable they will use again and again. 

EarPeace sales opportunities


The value of EarPeace immediately resonates with consumers - it improves any loud event.  People hear and feel better with EarPeace.  Sales opportunities for festivals and events include:

  • Ticketing presents one of the greatest opportunities for EarPeace sales - ideally as part of the web check out process or simply embedded in a confirmation email.  It’s good for your brand and offers customers something they need.  EarPeace collaborates with event management to set up drop shipping and EarPeace takes care of all the fulfillment.
  • Will call, the merch booth or gift shop are other key sales channels where a simple upsell during the check out converts sales. 
  • Displaying EarPeace close to the concession register is an easy way to create interest at the point-of-purchase.

EarPeace promotional / gift opportunities

  • Party and event managers: Is there a gift bag for your event? Do you have a group of VIPs that need special care?  EarPeace will improve their experience.  
  • Record labels: Are you planning a showcase for your next release? EarPeace makes the perfect edition to the gift bag.
  • Wedding planners: Are people leaving early because the band is too loud? Putting a few EarPeace on each table close to the band is the perfect way to keep the party going. 


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