October 26, 2016

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Save New Orleans Sounds: Paul Sanchez, Little Freddie King To Raise Awareness About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Martin Guitar, EarPeace and the Ace Hotel New Orleans will present An Evening with Save Sounds, a benefit concert for the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic’s campaign to reduce noise-induced hearing disorders.

Slated for Sunday, October 23 at the Ace Hotel’s Three Keys music venue, the show will feature a solo set from Paul Sanchez followed by a performance from one of the Musicians’ Clinic’s first patients, Little Freddie King.

The event will raise money for Save New Orleans Sounds, a program that provides hearing health resources for local musicians. Attendees will get to learn about the dangers of music-induced hearing loss, and hear Sanchez and King perform amidst Three Keys’ new sound abatement system.

“Music has always been a fundamental part of Ace’s culture, and we hope to host shows in venues where sounds can be performed and heard in the best conditions,” says Ace Hotel – Atelier Ace Partner and Chief Brand Officer, Kelly Sawdon. “Hearing health is often an understated issue and we’re glad to be bringing together Martin Guitar, EarPeace and Musicians’ Clinic in raising awareness for the Save Sounds campaign.”

An Evening with Save Sounds will be free, though a donation of $10 is suggested. Each guest who donates will receive a set of EarPeace HG earplugs that have been customized for the event (while supplies last).

“We are deeply attached to the New Orleans’ music scene. My partner and I both have been coming to New Orleans for music for the past 25 years, and we’re looking forward to another great 25 years. It’s one of the main reasons we started EarPeace. Hearing protection is the key.” states Jay Clark, EarPeace Founder and CEO. “We are excited to support an organization as important as the Musician’s Clinic, particularly their efforts around hearing health. Thanks to Ace Hotel for bringing us all together!”

More information on the benefit can be found via Ace Hotel New Orleans’ website.

EarPeace x Ace Hotel New Orleans

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